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Asset's Mini-Mart

Great ideas for promotion, education, gift-giving, and raising miniature donkeys.

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NMDA Breed Standard

NMDA's Official Breed Standard is the only Breed Standard for Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys. Created in 1996 it has been widely praised and used as a framework/guide for other breed organizations.

$7.50 each plus $1.00 postage


$7.50 each plus $1.00 postage

Custom-Made Miniature Donkey Breeding Muzzle

Lightweight (made of reinforced netting), easy velcro adjustment, no halter needed. This is not a heavy-duty muzzle and may not be the solution for extremely aggressive jacks, but it has been tested on over a hundred jacks in both hand-bred and pasture-bred situations. It works great and successfully alleviates the biting problem.

Price: $25.00
plus shipping & handling

ATTENTION: Muzzles are designed for temporary use! Remember, your donkey can't eat, drink or graze with the muzzle on, and in very hot weather, it could compromise his breathing. We recommend no longer than 1 hour, usually 20-30 minutes is all that is needed.

NMDA Presents: "For the Love of Miniature Donkeys"

This promotional video features wonderful Miniature Donkeys doing all the appealing things they do — sure to make anyone fall instantly in love with them.
Theresa Ford created this unique 8-minute "music video" with photographs submitted by Miniature Donkey owners from around the country, which are carefully set to instrumental music that reflects the humorous, poignant, and heart-warming images of the special qualities we all love about Miniature Donkeys. The video is a great visual aid for group presentations and an ideal promotional tool for use in displays at fairs, exhibits, and shows.

For the Love of Miniature Donkeys had an enthusiastically-received debut performance at the Rio Brazos Miniature Donkey Expo in May 1998. Breeders should consider the use of this video as a marketing tool to offer to inquiries and prospective buyers. $18.00 each (shipping & handling $6.00)

Official NMDA Measuring Stick For Miniature Donkeys

No more guesswork!

Now you can give accurate heights when registering or advertising your miniature donkeys.

Sure-measure aluminum measuring stick has push-button, fold-up vertical beam with easy-to-read plumb vial for accuracy. Ruled from 14 to 39 inches on one side and 30-100 cm on reverse for Miniature Donkeys and Horses.

$38.00 plus $14 shipping & handling.

Canada: please use U.S. Funds.

Make checks payable to NMDA

Herd Sire Showcase

The National Miniature Donkey Association proudly presents the inaugural edition of the Herd Sire Showcase. This edition contains 79 Herd Sires from 45 farms/ranches and represents 20 states and Canada.
For the first time ever a reference that presents an in-depth look at some of the Miniature Donkey Sires currently contributing to the future of the Miniature Donkey industry.
Another important aspect of this publication is to be able to document Miniature Donkeys as the years go by. Future generations will be able to see how the breed has evolved over the years or perhaps how it has remained consistent. Our Herd Sires will have historical significance as they will prove influential in the growth of the breed.
Special discount:
$10.00 plus $5.00 S & H
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Gelding Pamphlet

NMDA has published a new gelding pamphlet (in full color) which features the joy of Gelding ownership; details on the Gelding Incentive Program; technical advice on the actual castration process on Miniature Donkeys for your veterinarian's information; and wonderful photos of Geldings and their people.
This pamphlet would make an excellent addition to the new-owner packet breeders give to their buyers.
Price: $1.50 each or 25 pamphlets for $35 (includes postage)

Full Color Miniature Donkey Brochures

Brochure measures 8-1/2" x 11", folded into six panels. It displays eight full-color photos of Miniature Donkeys. The text includes a description, a brief history, and general care and management. These brochures are great to send out when someone inquires about your Miniature Donkeys. It contains all the general information...all you need to do is adhere your stamp or business card in the place provided.

Great Promotional Tool
$17.50 for 50 brochures
$27.50 for 100 brochures
(plus postage & handling)

Custom-Made Miniature Donkey Halters & Matching Leads


Made of Quality 3/4" Nylon with adjustable chin and crown.

  • COLORS: Red, Blue and Green
  • SIZES: Small & Large


  • Halters:  $15.00 + s & h
  • Leads:   $6.50 + s & h

Miniature Donkey heads come in all different sizes, but in general, the large size is for adults and the small is for donkeys under a year old — both sizes are adjustable. The large size will get the most use because the average donkey will outgrow the small.

Warning: We recommend halters NEVER be left on an unattended donkey. If the halter gets caught on a protruding object, IT CAN BE DANGEROUS!


New Training Video

Join Donkey expert, Crystal Ward, as she shares her love for all donkeys — mini, standard, and mammoth—and her training methods, which have won her widespread acclaim.

Topics include: Leading; Standing Tied; Grooming; Handling the Feet; Introducing the Bit & Harness; Ground Driving; Introducing the Saddle; The First Ride; plus, Donkey Care Tips: Measuring a Donkey; The Obese Donkey; and Donkey Castration. Playing time, approximately 2 hours.
The video, Donkey Training, is available in DVD or VHS, and can be ordered from the National Miniature Donkey Association's Central Office, 6450 Dewey Road, Rome NY 13440. Phone (315) 336-0154 or e-mail: nmdaasset@aol. com. Cost: $35 plus S & H $6 ($41 total). Credit card payment also accepted.


Back Issues Available 1992-2014

Consists of approximately 25 back issues

While Supply Lasts - some issues no longer available.

Price: $80.00

(includes shipping & handling)

--- OR ---

Sample Package

12 Assorted Back Issues

Price: $38.00

(includes shipping & handling)

--- OR ---

Single Issue: $7.50

Foreign orders; please pay in U.S. dollars and you will be billed for actual postage.

Training Your Miniature Donkey to Drive

Price: $12.00
(includes shipping & handling)